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Managing Foreign Exchange
With the help of HSBC, we have been able to minimize our risk of exposure to the currency fluctuations. That has given us the confidence to focus on our own operational efficiencies.

We can help you to manage your finances in different currencies. With the security and global reach of HSBC, you can make foreign exchange and money transfers when and how you want, with help and guidance on-hand if required. Transact online instantly 24/7*, deal over the phone or choose from our multi-currency accounts and investments.

Exchange rate volatility can affect your bottom line in many different ways, changing the value of your assets, liabilities and cash flows, especially when these are denominated in a foreign currency. If you have committed to either selling or buying goods or services in a foreign currency and the exchange rate fluctuates between agreement and payment, your overall profit from a particular deal can fall, or in low margin deals, could even be wiped out. Your foreign exchange risk is influenced by many factors such as length of exposure and currency volatility. By managing the risk, you could maximize profits or minimize the risk.

With treasury capabilities in over 60 countries, no one else is better poised than HSBC to provide knowledge and advice to help you better understand the risks at hand. HSBC is committed to help you to reduce foreign exchange risk and interest rate risk.

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