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Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service

A service that helps you better manage your foreign currency

Recurrent Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange market is moving rapidly, thus you are not able to convert at the lowest price every time you wish. Besides finding the best foreign exchange timing whenever you need, you can also use Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service in advance. Through Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service, you can spread your foreign exchange risks and average your foreign exchange costs.

If you're already an HSBC customer, you can visit us in the branch or set up Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service via online banking.

How it works

  • Know the exchange rate before sending your transaction
  • Easily access our global bank search tool to better manage your remittances and saved transfers
  • Set recurring or future-dated payments so you never miss an international payment

Available currencies

The bank currently provides Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service for 13 currencies including TWD, USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF SEK, SGD, CNY.

Set your payment schedule

Recurrent Foreign Exchange Service allows you to send payments and transfers daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs.

Use the service

Already registered

If you have already registered for online banking, you can log on now.

Come and see us in a branch to set up your recurrent foreign exchange order.

In Person

Leave us your contact details and our Wealth Manager will be in touch with you.

Call us now

Call us on (02)6616-6000

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Read FAQs for foreign exchange.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.