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Register to use Online Banking, as well as Internet Credit Card Service

Register for Online Banking

If you have HSBC (Taiwan) bank account, you can begin your online banking with HSBC in 2 simple steps, and gain access to your account information and online transactions.

Register for Internet Credit Card Service

If you have HSBC (Taiwan) credit cards, you can register Internet Credit Card Service to manage your credit card online easily. 

If you'd like to change language of the service, please click "中文" on the header.

How to register Online Banking

  • Step 1: Register online

Before you begin, you will need your HSBC: (2 options)

  • Bank account number and Phone banking 6-digit PIN
  • Debit card account number, debit card issue number and debit card PIN

Take a look at our guide to register for online banking

Option 1 :  Please enter 0 followed by the first 9 digits of your account number, 10 digits in total. For example, 0018123456. Also, you’ll need to enter your phone banking 6-digit PIN. 

Identity verification page

Option 2 : Please enter 12 digit account number on your debit card, single digit debit card issue number and 4 digit debit card PIN. 

bank card verification page
  • Step 2: Download and set up Mobile Banking App

After you register online banking, please download and set up HSBC Taiwan App right away. To log on to online banking securely, we'll ask you to provide a security code, which can be generated from our mobile banking app.

If you can’t set up mobile banking, please order and activate the Security Device. 

Once you have set up mobile banking, please log on to online banking.

With our secure HSBC Online Banking service you can:

  • Check your balance and transactions
  • Make transfers and payments
  • Open term deposit
  • Make investment
  • View and download statements

How to begin Mobile Banking

If you have registered online banking, you can begin your mobile banking with HSBC in 2 simple steps, and stay in control of your finances easily.

  • Step 1 : Get HSBC Taiwan App

  • Step 2 : Activate Mobile Banking

After self-registration for Online Banking and download of HSBC Taiwan App, you may open the App to activate and create logon details. Also, you can enable Touch / Face ID for simpler and faster log on.

Take a look at our guide to activate mobile banking

Step 1 : If you’ve registered for HSBC online banking, please enter your username.

Logon or register selection page
Username input page

With our secure HSBC Mobile Banking App you can:

  • Check your balance and transactions
  • Exchange foreign currency
  • Transfer money to your own HSBC Taiwan accounts, other payees with local currency accounts and HSBC credit card payment.
  • Generate online banking security codes

Frequently asked questions

Online Banking registration

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.