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Structured deposits

With custom product features, you could capture market opportunities  while having guaranteed investment in capital

Customize your portfolio to create diversify income sources

Structured deposit could provide you to diversify your investment portfolio risk. When the underlying performance is as expected, you could have the chance to receive potential higher return.

Why invest in structured deposits?

100% principal protected structured deposits offer several key benefits:

  • Protect your initial investment (principal)

  • Provide potential return

  • Offer you the chance to invest in non-traditional assets

  • Have no processing fee

  • Provide pre-packaged to meet specific investment needs

  • Spread the risk of your entire investment portfolio

  • Access to a simple and fixed-term investment

What are structured deposits?

  • Structured deposits are fixed-term investments that trade in assets that may otherwise be out of reach for a retail investor. Their features and terms can vary, so no two structured products are the same. 
  • Generally, they are pre-packaged investment products designed to meet specific needs – which often cannot be met through more traditional investments like stocks and bonds.
  • The return on a structured investment is based on a complex formula. It is sometimes linked to the performance of specific investment assets, but often it just tracks a stock market index.

Things to know

  • Structured deposits are sophisticated financial instruments and you should speak to your sales before investing.
  • Structured deposits are not traditional deposits. They aren't covered by deposit insurance (CDIC). 
  • If you redeem a structured deposit before the fixed-term ends, you could get back less than you originally invested. 
  • When the underlying performance is as expected, you could have a potential return. However, in the worst scenario, you may not get back what you originally invested, or you may not be able to early unwind before the end of the investment term. 
  • You should read the prospectus and risk disclosure before making an investment decision. Past performance of an investment product is not a guarantee of future performance.

Contact us

Find out more information on investing structured deposits by meeting with our wealth adviser in branch.

Investment Risk Warning 

  • The subject product is a complicated financial product and shall be explained by a professional prior to investment. If the Customer cannot fully understand the subject product, please do not invest in it. 
  • The subject product is an investment, not a deposit. The investment is not covered by deposit insurance. 
  • The Customer shall carefully review the Product Prospectus and Risk Disclosure Statement prior to making an investment and he/she shall make his/her own judgment and assume sole responsibility for the investment’s profits and losses. 
  • The subject product is an investment product. The Customer shall bear the market risk of the product and the credit risk of the Bank. 
  • The Customer shall not sign nor seal on the relevant documents prior to clearly understanding the content of the Product Prospectus, provisions of the contract and all documentation. 
  • In the event of early termination by the Customer, the redeemable amount may be less than the Principal Amount. 
  • If the Bank is unable to perform its obligations due to the credit issues, the maximum possible loss is the entire Principal Amount.
  • The extent of risk exposure for the Customer may differ depending on the different product design or conditions of the structured product. In the case of cash settlement, the Customer may risk all or partial loss of interest, Principal Amount, or other loss; in the case of non-cash settlement, the Principal Amount may be converted into the underlying asset(s) in accordance with the contract, the Customer may need to bear the credit risk of the Bank and underlying asset provider(s). 
  • The factors affecting the price fluctuation of derivative products are very complicated. Risk disclosure made by the Bank only covers the main ones and the transaction risks and the factors affecting the markets could not be described in detail. The Customer shall fully understand the nature of structured products and the relevant finance, accounting, taxation and law matters and evaluate his/her own financial status and risk tolerance before proceeding with the investment.

Investment Risks

  • (The below is only a list of risk items. Please refer to "Product Risks" in the Risk Disclosure Statement for details.) 
  • The investment risks of the product, including minimum return risk, principal risk, credit risk, market risk, early termination risk, liquidity risk, exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, re-investment risk, country/territory risk, settlement risk, underlying risk, inflation risk taxation risk, incident risk, legal risk, product provider early call risk and leverage risk, shall be borne by the Customer. If the Customer applies for early termination prior to maturity, the redeemable amount may be less than the original Principal Amount. In the worst situation, the redeemable amount could be zero or early termination may not be able to be executed.
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