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The financial markets have experienced another eventful year, from the collapse of Silicon...[29 Nov]

US stocks were mixed; Treasury yields rebounded. [1 Dec]

The FOMC again unanimously voted to keep the federal funds target range at 5.25-5.5% after...

[2 Nov]

Stronger-than-expected US economic data and concerns about high bond supply...[27 Oct]

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The recent drop in USD-JPY may look impressive, but the JPY is still the worst-performing...[27 Nov]

The impact of rate cuts on the USD will depend on the catalysts behind the Fed’s action, among others. [20 Nov]

As widely expected, the RBA raised its policy rate to a 12-year high in November, ending four months of steady policy. [13 Nov]

The US Dollar Index may see a fresh rally in the weeks ahead, supported by fundamentals. [2 Nov]

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Services demand continues to lead China’s economic recovery although headwinds persist in the property sector. [21 Nov]

Most central banks hope they can finally take a breather…[16 Oct]

ASEAN exports remain under pressure amidst weak global demand, with few signs of...[9 Oct]

China’s economic recovery accelerated in Q3, as the consumption-led recovery continued to broaden out. [27 Oct]

Global demand is slowing as tighter policy takes effect…[15 Sep]

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Climate change poses a significant threat to coffee...[13 Oct ]

Recent US and EU policy initiatives highlight the...[10 Oct]

Ice cream is an increasingly popular treat around the world, but investors should be...[4 Aug]

Since the beginning of 2021, the proportion of countries whose net zero targets are...[19 Jul]

ESG practices can impact a company’s prospects and value, with ESG leaders broadly...[4 Jul]

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Quality of Life goes beyond meeting material needs. It encompasses multiple dimensions...[18 Sep]

Plan for a secure future: Consider financial security, protecting your health...[18 Sep]

Most investors want to time the market in the hope that.....[3 Mar]

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