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Saving equity mortgage


In today's changing world, seizing the moment is the key for success. Our saving equity loan is the best choice to transform your real estate into flexible financing, equipping you with emergency funds. There is no handling fee for accessing the line of credit. You'll pay daily calculated interest only on the amount you use.

Features & benefits

  • Competitive rates

    Our saving equity loan interest rates can be lower than rates on credit cards and personal loans

  • Convenient access

    Access your funds whenever you need simply through your debit card without the need to call our contact centre. You can enjoy free access to the fund within the approved credit line.

  • Flexible financing

    Saving equity loan can also be combined with a conventional loan. Partial repayments on the principal of the conventional loan can be transformed into the line of credit of saving equity loan. It offers you flexible and convenient funds to meet your needs at different life stages.

Apply for a Saving equity mortgage

Apply by phone

Call us on (02) 6616-6000 to apply for a personal loan or leave your contact details and we will be in touch.

Apply in branch

Find your nearest branch to apply in person.

Frequently asked questions

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