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Smart mortgage


Smart Mortgage links customer's savings accounts with mortgage accounts. The more you save in the designated savings account, the more interest you can earn on your deposits, helping you to offset the interest payments on your mortgage1.

With reduced interest payments, a higher portion of the regular installment goes towards paying the principal. By doing this, Smart Mortgage customers pay off the mortgage more rapidly and own their homes sooner. 

By splitting your monthly installment into two and paying once every two weeks, your mortgage principal could be paid off even earlier, helping you save more on interests and achieve your dream of home ownership faster.

Let us show you how much you could save with our mortgage through our simulation tool. We will help you understand how to integrate your cash flows in our offset savings account and easily enjoy the most benefits from Smart Mortgage.

Remark 1:  

HSBC Taiwan Smart Mortgage links the mortgage account with savings accounts and reduces interest on the mortgage loan by offsetting interest earned on the savings account. For up to 30% or 70% of the outstanding mortgage loan amount, the interest earned on the linked savings account will be applied to the interest payable for the mortgage loan calculated according to the applicable interest rates and terms. Interest will not be calculated for any deposit amount in the linked savings account exceeding 30% or 70% of the outstanding mortgage loan amount. The interest earned on the linked savings account to offset mortgage interest payable will be treated as personal interest income. HSBC Taiwan will make relevant interest income reporting according to related Tax Acts of the Republic of China, Taiwan. If you have any questions, please reach us at any of our branches or call us at (02) 6616-6000.

Features & benefits

  • A designated savings account to offset interest

  • Biweekly payment plan to save more

  • Competitive interest rates and APR

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Frequently asked questions

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