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A hand is holding a diamond under the sunlight; image used for HSBC Taiwan HSBC Cashback Titanium Card page.

Cashback Titanium Card

Exclusive offer for new applicants to get NT$1,000 rebate! All customers can enjoy up to 6 % cash rebate.

Achieve your goals with our personal loan.

Connect your wealth to a wide range of global opportunities.

Premier 20th anniversary celebration.

Discover the benefits of a bank account from HSBC.

Three people chatting on the street happily; imaged used for HSBC Taiwan foreign exchange page.

Easy solutions for dealing foreign currencies, and investing opportunities are everywhere around the world Exchange currency within seconds by mobile app.

Drawing of windmills and trees; image used HSBC Taiwan i-Invest for Unit Trust page.

New online Unit Trusts Transaction Platform with full functions. Subscribe Unit Trusts online and get 50% to 70% reduction in fees.

A visa credit card; image used HSBC Taiwan accounts everyday global visa debit card page. page.

Access to 9 Supported foreign currencies without conversion and administrative fees.

A station wagon is parked by the beach; the picture is used on the HSBC credit card page.

An easy way to shop with privileges and to earn cash rebate or mileage reward from your daily spend.

A family is packing up to relocate; image used for HSBC mortgages page.

Explore our full range of mortgage plans to suit your financial needs.

A beautiful lady is looking at a laptop on a sofa;image used for HSBC online banking.

Online banking is evolving and helps you to securely manage all of your accounts in one place. 

Access all important information about banking

Service updates and maintenance to our banking services (7, 10, 17, 18 and 19 Jan, 2021).

Find the answers you need

HSBC cares about your network security and provides related safeguards

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