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Do you always have a cup of Starbucks coffee on hand while heading to the office, work on Microsoft platforms on your laptop and keep in touch with your loved ones with the latest Apple iPhone? Do you "Google" everything that you don't know, wear your Nike sneakers to the gym, or stay at home during weekends to watch shows on Netflix? If that's so, imagine being one of the shareholders of these industry giants!

Celebrate the festive season with HSBC i-invest, and treat yourself by investing in the industry heavyweights that make your life better.

Promotion: Enjoy a 0.3%* transaction fee when trading foreign stocks or ETFs online. Also, every transaction you make counts as an entry into our lucky draw to have the transaction fee waived.

  • Promotion period: 16/10/2019-31/12/2019
  • As an introductory offer to celebrate the launch of i-Invest, you can enjoy a 0.3%* fee on related transactions for the purchase of foreign stocks and ETFs.
  • During the promotion period, HSBC (Taiwan) Bank will conduct a weekly lucky draw to waive the transaction fees of 3 separate customer transactions. If your order is placed through personal internet banking, you will have one more chance to draw. Please refer to the terms and conditions below for details.

*HSBC internet banking only. If the transaction fee is not reached the lowest transaction fee after the discount, you still need to pay for the lowest transaction fee (USD$30, HKD$250 or CNY250).

I-invest for online trading ,Let invest the antenna to stretch across the life every one day!

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Consumer industry

In general, the consumer industry benefits from people spending heavily on gifts and gatherings. Those that benefit include shopping malls, retailers, luxury companies and restaurants. Daily essentials such as food and beverage, clothing, household, telecommunication, social media, travel and aviation, cruises, and automation are riding on the seasonal growth as well.

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Equities with steady profit and high dividend

Under low global interest rate, investors generally look for equities that yield steady profit and a higher dividend. Apart from stock, investors can also consider real estate ETFs and utilities ETFs as mid-long term investments.

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Healthcare & medical industry

Biotechnology and medical industry are booming due to low birth rate and an ageing population around the world. Pharmaceutical intervention, bio-tech, new drugs, advanced medical equipment, aesthetic medicine and elderly care are popular areas for investment. Investors may keep an eye on the industry to capture its long term growth.

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IT industry

With AI, big data, cloud computing, self-driving cars and eMBB in use, new semiconductor technology and IT are two areas that are worth paying attention to by investors.

I-invest for online trading : 3 steps complete transaction!

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【Search  underlying】

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【Confirms the stock price, units, the date】

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【 completes transaction 】

  • Access 24-hour global market information and to keep you informed in US and Hong Kong stock markets
  • Convenient ordering to save you time and money. Under set up one time order, longest on 14 BD effective
  • View historical candlestick charts to help determine your ideal order prices
  • For grasping the tendency as necessary, make your own personalized watch list to analyze the latest trends

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