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Besides buying in new clothes for the coming year, you can make use of your stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to make new investments in ETFs such as SPY for your middle-to-long term future. You can also embark on your journey to a prosperous year by investing in consumer staples stocks such as XLP or FTSE China A50 in the China market on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Do more this coming year than just shopping on Amazon, Alibaba and the Altria Group, passing the time on Netflix or games offered by the Gamestop Corporation, browsing through Facebook or dating platforms like Match Group, Inc., or racking up an Uber bill as you visit friends and family this season. Ring in the Year of the Rat by buying stocks in these companies and becoming a shareholder.

Spring Festival buys was mad, makes use of a favorable situation into the correlation industry company shareholders

Looks at the stock industry and the ETF subject quickly

Welcome the new year by enjoying a low transaction fee of just 0.3%* when you trade online.

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The investment stock gives oneself a lucky bag

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The tech industry

US tech stocks continue to reach new heights, thanks to developments in artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing, Driverless Cars, and the rise of 5G technology. As such, investors may wish to pay close attention to emerging science and technology trends when selecting stocks to purchase.

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The retail industry

The Chinese New Year also rings in the shopping season. Therefore, investing in consumer products and services - whether it be in food and beverages, fashion, real estate, automobile, travel, hospitality, technology or communications - can be a good option for setting your investment portfolio up for success.

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Steady but rewarding equities

Real estate and public utilities ETFs benefit from a low interest rate environment, and the steady profit and high dividends typically generated make these a top choice for those who are looking to make medium to long term investments.

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The healthcare industry

The flurry of activity including the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and the mergers of biotechnology and medical companies, have created no shortage of opportunities. Stocks in this industry are heavily favoured by investors for their potential to grow.

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【Confirms the stock price, units, the date】

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【 completes transaction 】

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