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Three people are fishing by the lake; image used for Premier Mortgage.

Premier Mortgage

Enjoy an HSBC mortgage service tailored to your needs

Work towards owning your own home while growing your wealth

Owning your own home can give you and your family a great sense of security, but also can accumulating wealth. HSBC Premier Mortgage allows you to do both.

HSBC Premier offers one-on-one wealth management advice. Our wealth management experts provide you professional financial planning advisement no matter what your stage in life and your financial target is.

By offering privileges including 50 times free service charge inter-bank withdraw and transfer, free overseas ATM withdraw, global view, and global transfers to your HSBC accounts around the world, HSBC Premier gives you the best financial experience.

Latest offers

HSBC Premier Mortgage customers are entitled to even more benefits

  • Preferential mortgage rate
  • Seasonal mortgage promotions
  • Better loan-to-value ratio
  • Simple and convenient approval process
  • Until 31 December 2024, Premier customers with new mortgage drawdowns of TWD 12m or more (excluding saving equity mortgages) will have account administration charges waived before the mortgage is being paid off

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