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Banking Security

In today's increasingly connected world, it's more important than ever to make sure you're banking securely. That's why we've introduced HSBC Safeguard.

HSBC Safeguard

HSBC Safeguard is an initiative to protect your money from financial crime and fraud. And your information is key to protection.

Our systems and processes rely on us having up-to-date information about all our customers. Therefore, we may contact you to:

  • confirm or update your existing personal or business details
  • request new information – this may include original documents

We know this may cause some inconvenience, so we'll work with you to ensure the process is as simple as possible. 

You don't need to do anything until we get in touch. When we contact you, we'll tell you what you need to do next.

For more information on the initiative and why we're doing it, visit HSBC Global HSBC Safeguard.

Security Reminder: Keeping Your Account Safe

HSBC is committed to ensuring your account safety and protecting your money, privacy and personal information.

  • When you are using the wide spectrum of HSBC's products and services around the world (such as ATMs), please stay vigilant. If you notice any suspicious device or behavior, cancel your transaction immediately, retrieve your card and inform the Bank at (02)6616-6000. When entering your personal password, please cover the numeric pad in case anyone is watching. Meanwhile, we highly recommend that you review your bank/credit card statement regularly to ensure that all transactions are correct.
  • In a rapidly evolving digital era, internet fraud is to be cautioned. If you receive an abnormal email/SMS claiming that they are from HSBC and asking for your personal information, please do not either reply, click or open any link or attachment and inform the Bank at (02)6616-6000 immediately. Whenever you receive any suspicious call claiming to be from HSBC, you may request more information, such as their department name, their office number, how your phone number and account information were obtained, or call the HSBC Taiwan hotline (02)6616-6000 directly to verify callers’ identity. HSBC will not contact you by phone for your personal information such as your OTP (One-Time-Password) or credit card number; thus if you receive such request, do not continue the conversation and contact the Bank at (02)6616-6000 immediately.
  • Please avoid using public computers or suspicious wireless networks to access the online banking site. Check the emails and SMS transaction notifications sent from us as soon as you receive them, and if you spot any unusual transactions, report to the Bank immediately.
  • HSBC understands that our customers value the privacy of their personal information. Being extra cautious with your transactions will help protect your account. Please safeguard your personal seal/signatures, debit/credit cards, blank but signed transaction instructions and all kinds of passwords. The aforementioned account-related confidential information or password should not be shared with anyone, even if they claim to be from the Bank or law enforcements.
  • Please regularly review the official statements sent by HSBC, confirm that the transaction details and the investment holdings are correct, and report any irregularities to HSBC immediately.

HSBC puts our customers as first priority and integrity is our core value.

The Bank strictly prohibits its staffs from holding relevant personal information of customers or doing business on behalf of customers to protect the rights and interests of our customers:

  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from retaining the customer's personal seal and sealed/signed transaction instructions without filled-in details.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from keeping customers’ online/phone banking password and/or operating the customers’ personal internet banking account through any kinds of devices on behalf of customers.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from signing, stamping, imitating or modifying the signatures on any banking documents (such as withdrawal slips, agreements or application forms) on behalf of any customer or colleague.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from conducting offsite cash transactions without authorization or from conducting over-the-counter transactions for customers without their presence.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from violating the customers’ transaction instructions or improperly dispose of or embezzle from customers’ assets.

The Bank strictly prohibits its staffs from selling any products or services to customers without authorization: 

  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from encouraging or persuading customers to invest with funds from mortgages or loans.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits any financial relations between its staff and the customers, including allowing customers use staff’s own account.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from promoting or selling any products or services that has not been approved by the Bank.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from issuing any document, certificate or statement to the customer via their personal mail/email addresses on behalf of HSBC.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from suggesting or directing the customers to provide false information.
  • The Bank strictly prohibits its staff from fabricating account statements, transaction receipts, product DMs or other related documents and changing the customers’ contact information on behalf of customers.

If you come across with any of the above prohibited conduct, please contact the HSBC Customer Hotline (02)6616-6000 for immediate assistance.

What will we do with your information?

We will use this information solely to protect our customers and ourselves against financial crime. We take our obligation to protect your data very seriously, so all the information you provide will be subject to the HSBC Group's highest security standards. The intent is to ensure we have the most up-to-date records and the information will NOT be used by any third parties for marketing purposes.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.