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i-Invest for Unit Trusts

New online Unit Trusts Transaction Platform with full functions

  • HSBC Promotion: Subscribe Unit Trusts online or via mobile APP and get 40% to 70% reduction in fees.

    Special subscription fee offer via online banking: Monthly Investment Plan for 70% off and Lump Sum for 40% off in campaign period.

Trade UT via HSBC TW APP in 3 steps

【Three steps and 30 seconds to swiftly place an UT order】

Step 1. Log on to Mobile Banking and access to ‘Investment’ page under products and services page.

Step 2. Please tap on ‘Funds’ and click on ‘Explore funds’, then search for the corresponding product on the top searching bar.

Step 3. Research product page and select ‘Buy’ and enter the transaction details.

Fund comparison feature

【Three steps and 30 seconds to compare funds】

  • Compare maximum 3 funds at the same time via HSBC TW APP

  • 20 criteria to filter for funds comparison

Step 1. Click on ‘…’ next to the fund you want to compare.

Step 2. Click on ‘Add this fund to compare’.

Step 3. View fund comparison details.

【Download HSBC (Taiwan) App now】

i-Invest: Complete an investment transaction in just three steps!

"An image of magnifying glass; image used for HSBC Taiwan i-Invest for Unit Trusts page."

Search and Select Unit Trusts

"An image of a tick on the sheet; image used for HSBC Taiwan i-Invest for Unit Trusts page."

Click "buy" and put in required data

"An image of shopping cart; image used for HSBC Taiwan i-Invest for Unit Trusts page."

Click "confirm"

  • Set up your monthly investment plan every day and in 10 different currencies.

  • The variety Unit Trusts overview will provide all the fund information you need.

  • Customized investment market news can help you find the one that meets your financial needs.

How to use i-Invest for Unit Trusts (Chinese Version Only)

Use i-Invest to place an order directly

  • Doesn’t have mobile APP yet?

    If you already have mobile APP, just log on to browse, buy and sell funds.

  • Existing customer ?

    If you already invest with HSBC, just log on to browse, buy and sell funds.

  • Not yet a customer?

    If you have not applied for online banking, you can also register online and get the fund subscription discount.

Other ways to place the order

  • New customer?

    Welcome to apply for the HSBC Premier Banking Account and enjoy the banking and wealth management services provided by Premier Banking.

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  1. The campaign is subjected to HSBC Bank existing customers or trust account newly opened with online banking registration (exclude Fundmax account) for lump sum and Monthly Investment Plan new subscription via personal online banking only. For the instances that HSBC Bank cannot provide fund subscription due to fund providers’ constrains, the special offer cannot be provide.
  2. Campaign Period: 2023/10/1-2023/12/31
  3. For the Monthly Investment Plan under same transaction number, the special offer is not valid when the monthly debit amount is changed and will apply to the current fund subscription fee table that published on public website.
  4. For the Monthly Investment Plan, if there is consecutive debit fail for 3 times, the Monthly Investment Plan will be terminated and the subscription fee will apply to the current fund subscription fee table that published on public website when resume the Monthly Investment Plan. For the funds that are not on shelf, the related Monthly Investment Plan can only be redeemed, terminated, and suspend. The amount and date for the mentioned Monthly Investment Plan can’t be changed.
  5. Customer is required to have valid risk profile that meet product’s risk level for fund subscription by regulation. If customer’s risk profile is expired then the customer has to conduct the risk profile questionnaire.
  6. For the fund subscription fee, the maximum and minimum order amount and related operation rules for lump sum and Monthly Investment Plan, please refer to announcement on the public website.
  7. The campaign is not allow to combine with other offer and the right for amendment is reserved to HSBC Bank.
  1. Investing on funds approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission (“FSC”) does not assure no risk. Past fund performance does not guarantee the minimum investment income; except for performing their duties of the care of good administrators, fund houses will not be responsible for gain/loss of the funds or guarantee fund performance. Before subscribing to the funds, investors should have read and fully understood the fund prospectus and the investor information summary provided by the Bank; they are also available at Market Observation Post System or Fund Clear.
  2. The fees (including distribution fee) to be borne by investors or funds has been disclosed in the prospectus or the investor information summary. Investors can also obtain information about the fees at the websites above.
  3. For an advertisement on the performance of a regular savings plan in a fund, investors will have different investment performance as a result of different times of market entry, and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. NAV of funds may be affected due to market situations or price variation of the underlyings. Investors shall fully understand the risks and features of the funds before subscribing to the funds.
  4. The following risk factors should be considered in fund transactions:
    1. risks from the underlyings and investment areas: market risk (politics, economic, social environment, foreign exchange, interest rate, stock price, index or variation of asset values), liquidation risk, credit risk, fluctuation risk from economic cycle, securities transaction risk, regulatory changes, currency risk; 
    2. delay in payment of redemption price due to the aforementioned risks, investors largely redeeming the products or suspension on calculation of redemption price and so on.
  5. Investments in funds investing in high yield bonds shall not account for an overly high percentage of investment portfolio. As high yield bonds' credit rating do not reach the investment grade or has not been rated, and they are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in interest rates, the fund may suffer losses as a result of a rise in interest rates, decrease in market liquidity or default by bond issuers in paying the principal or interest or bankruptcy of bond issuers. The fund is not suitable for investors who cannot bear relevant risks. High yield bond fund dividends may be paid out of the fund‘s principal. High yield bond fund may invest in privately placed US Rule 144A bonds (up to 30% of the domestic fund’s total assets and no limit for offshore funds) which may give rise to risks of insufficient liquidity, insufficient disclosure of financial information and high volatility arising from lack of price transparency.
  6. A dividend distribution of some funds may be paid out of the fund's income or principal. Any portion involving payment from the principal may result in a reduction in the original investment amount. Some funds have not deducted the relevant expenses payable before dividend distribution. The components in relation to distribution of fund dividends are disclosed in the prospectus and the fund house websites. A distribution yield of the fund does not represent a rate of return of the fund, and the past distribution yield does not represent the future distribution yield; the net asset value of the fund may fluctuate due to causes in the market. The economic trend forecast referred to herein does not inevitably represent the fund's performance.
  7. For emerging market bond funds/equity funds, other than the aforementioned risks, the repayment abilities of bond issuers and bond credit ratings may be affected as a result of emerging countries’ economy and political condition or systematic changes. The volatility risk of investment portfolio is higher than that in mature market.
  8. The law states that offshore funds investing in the securities markets of the mainland China are only permitted to invest in listed securities and bonds in inter-bank markets, and the total investment amount shall not exceed 20% of the fund’s net asset value (an offshore fund may be permitted to invest up to 40% of the fund NAV if it is approved by the FSC in accordance with the Offshore Fund Incentive Plan). Therefore, offshore funds investing in the securities markets of the mainland China do not 100% invest in the mainland China market. The domestic funds investing in the securities markets of the mainland China may invest in stock, depository receipts or bonds and are not subject to investment amount limitation; however, such funds are required to comply with the trust agreement, the prospectus and the relevant laws and regulations and the QFII amount restriction. Thus such funds may not 100% invest in the mainland China markets. Investors should also note the changes of the Chinese market government policies, laws, accounting and taxation systems, economy and market, which may lead to investment risks.
  9. For back end load onshore funds (N / NB share), the fund houses will charge contingent deferred sales fees according to the length of the fund holding period of the investor. Such fee will be deducted from the redemption payment. Investors should read the relevant information in the prospectus before subscribing to the funds.
  10. Non-EU HSBC Global Minimum Standard ESG and SI Disclosure
    In broad terms “ESG and sustainable investing” products include investment approaches or instruments which consider environmental, social, governance and/or other sustainability factors to varying degrees.  Certain instruments we classify as sustainable may be in the process of changing to deliver sustainability outcomes. There is no guarantee that ESG and Sustainable investing products will produce returns similar to those which don’t consider these factors. ESG and Sustainable investing products may diverge from traditional market benchmarks.  In addition, there is no standard definition of, or measurement criteria for, ESG and Sustainable investing or the impact of ESG and Sustainable investing products. ESG and Sustainable investing and related impact measurement criteria are (a) highly subjective and (b) may vary significantly across and within sectors.
    HSBC may rely on measurement criteria devised and reported by third party providers or issuers.  HSBC does not always conduct its own specific due diligence in relation to measurement criteria. There is no guarantee: (a) that the nature of the ESG / sustainability impact or measurement criteria of an investment will be aligned with any particular investor’s sustainability goals; or (b) that the stated level or target level of ESG / sustainability impact will be achieved. ESG and Sustainable investing is an evolving area and new regulations are being developed which will affect how investments can be categorised or labelled. An investment which is considered to fulfil sustainable criteria today may not meet those criteria at some point in the future.
    When we classify an investment product or service against our ESG and Sustainable Investing (SI) categories described in this document: ESG Enhanced, Thematic or Impact, this does not mean that all individual underlying holdings in the investment product or portfolio will meet the relevant SI criteria. As such, an SI classification does not mean that all underlying holdings in a fund or discretionary portfolio meet the relevant sustainable investment criteria.  Similarly, where an equity or fixed income investment is classified under an ESG Enhanced, Thematic or Impact category this does not mean that the underlying issuer’s activities are fully sustainable. Not all investments, portfolios or services are classifiable under our SI categories. This may be because there is insufficient information available or because a particular investment product does not meet HSBC’s SI classifications criteria.
  11. For funds investing in stocks or securities related to the global real estate market or real estate investments (REITs), there may be volatility risks in securities prices as a result of decline of property value, tax or transaction risks, disasters or expropriation, rent decrease or interest rate change.
  12. If an investor’s transaction is identified as a short-swing trading by the fund company, the fund company or the Bank may refuse to accept applications for conversion or subscription, and may request payment of a certain percentage of redemption fees or other related fees. The fee standards are based on the policies of each fund company. In order to protect the rights and interests of existing investors, some offshore funds have a price dilution adjustment mechanism and fair market price regulations. Investors should read the fund prospectus and investor information summary before subscription of funds.
  13. Fund investments are not considered a deposit with, obligation owed by or guarantee of the Bank or its related parties. The above information does not constitute an offer for fund subscriptions or an investment advice. Investors should make independent investment judgments and should bear investment risks and be responsible for investment results, including loss of the total principal. Risks in connection with fund investments are not limited to the aforementioned risks; investors should read the fund prospectus and the investor information summary before subscription of funds. US/Canadian citizens or residents or US green card holders are not permitted to subscribe to funds. Neither are they permitted to designate others to make a subscription on their behalf.
Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.