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Every day setting with multi-currency transaction now available for Monthly Investment Plans

You can now set up your monthly investment plan every day and in 10 different currencies to meet your financial needs. 

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Use the Wealth Dashboard to invest in three easy steps

Complete an investment transaction in just three steps:

  • Step 1: Keyword search 
  • Step 2: Click “buy” and put in required data
  • Step 3: Click “confirm”

The Wealth Dashboard will provide an overview of your assets and liabilities, including investments, savings, credit cards and loans. Use the analysis charts and details to help you manage your investment portfolio more efficiently. 

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Variety Unit Trusts overview

The variety Unit Trusts overview will provide all the fund information you need. Use the multi-criteria search, full coverage fund details, customized investment market news and dynamic fund price graph to compare funds and help you find the one that meets your financial needs.

How to use i-Invest for Unit Trusts (Chinese Version Only)

You can use the following video to learn how to easily use i-Invest for Unit Trusts within fast search, instant ordering online, and real-time information on the market. So that you can take the investment opportunities, and the long-term financial management will be on the fund.

HSBC Promotion : Subscribe Unit Trusts online and get 50% to 70% reduction in fees.

Special subscription fee offer via online banking: Monthly Investment Plan for 70% off and Lump Sum for 50% off in campaign period.

If you have not applied for online banking, you can also register for Internet Banking Service online and get the fund subscription fee discount.

  1. The campaign is subjected to HSBC existing customers or trust account newly opened with online banking registration (exclude Fundmax account) for lump sum and Monthly Investment Plan new subscription via personal online banking only. For the instances that HSBC (Taiwan) cannot provide fund subscription due to fund providers’ constrains, the special offer cannot be provide.
  2. Campaign Period: 2019/7/1-2019/9/30
  3. For the Monthly Investment Plan under same transaction number, the special offer is not valid when the monthly debit amount is changed and will apply to the current fund subscription fee table that published on public website.
  4. For the Monthly Investment Plan, if there is consecutive debit fail for 3 times, the Monthly Investment Plan will be terminated and the subscription fee will apply to the current fund subscription fee table that published on public website when resume the Monthly Investment Plan.
  5. Customer is required to have valid risk profile that meet product’s risk level for fund subscription by regulation. If customer’s risk profile is expired then the customer has to conduct the risk profile questionnaire.
  6. For the fund subscription fee, the maximum and minimum order amount and related operation rules for lump sum and Monthly Investment Plan, please refer to announcement on the public website.
  7. The campaign is not allow to combine with other offer and the right for amendment is reserved to HSBC (Taiwan).


  1. Investing on funds authorized by FSC does not assure riskless. Past fund performance does not guarantee the investment performance; Except for performing their duties with the care of good administrators, Fund Houses will not be responsible for gain/loss of the funds or guarantee fund performance. Investors should have read and fully understand the fund prospectus and the disclosure of risk factors before making any investment decision. Market Observation Post System or Fund Clear search.
  2. For regulatory reasons, HSBC is unable to execute fund investment services for you unless you have read the prospectus of the fund you wish to subscribe. You may download the prospectus from Market Observation Post System or Fund Clear or you could request directly from the fund company.
  3. Each fund may has different transaction fee. The mutual fund transaction fee information can be reached at www.hsbc.com.tw.
  4. Unit Trusts investment contains risks (including but not limited to Market Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk and Liquidity Risk...etc.) The maximum potential loss could be the original investment amount.
  5. Unit Trusts investment does not consider deposit, obligation or guarantee of the Bank and its related parties. The investment is not covered under CDIC's Deposit Protection. Investors should make the investment decision at their own volitions and at their own risks having read and understood all relevant product literature. The Bank and related parties will not be responsible for the investment risks or assure any profits of the investment.