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A couple is holding a heart shaped cardboard with Just Married written on it; image used for HSBC loans article - how to plan a dream wedding.

How much money is needed for my wedding? Should I apply for a personal loan?

True love always knocks on your door unexpectedly. However, a meticulous plan and budget are essential when you take the plunge and get married. Wedding is never as simple as saying "I do". It involves endless details including engagement rings, proposal flowers, candlelight dinners, wedding parties to honeymoon trips. Taiwan couples spend an average of TW$550,000 on their weddings, according to a survey result released by a one-stop wedding planner. An earlier finding by the Ministry of Economic Affairs indicates that the average wedding expenditure in Taiwan is TW$745,000 (Note 1). Managing a budget could be a daunting task but never let it ruin your wedding planning. HSBC Personal Loan is a perfect option for financing your dream wedding. Wedding couples applying for 24-hour online loan applications (e-loans) enjoy a competitive interest rate and application fee. What's more, the fast-track loan approval can be done in as little as 24 hours! Apply now and get ready for your big day worry free.

Asking for her hand with a romantic marriage proposal

A man makes a marriage proposal to his girlfriend; image used for HSBC loans article - how to plan a dream wedding.

You could give your loved one a romantic surprise and propose to her in a fanciful restaurant. Indulge her with roses and a shiny wedding ring under the witness of close family members. Each couple's marriage proposal story is unique but the message is all the same. Show your love to your lifetime partner and usher in a new journey of happiness. 

Some people opt for over-the-top proposals, while some others prefer nothing more elaborate than a heartfelt declaration of love. Nothing fancy or pretentious. You could simply ask for your partner's hand and enter into a lifelong commitment of marriage.

Coordination crucial in wedding planning

Wedding ceremony; image used for HSBC loans article - how to plan a dream wedding.

Six months or more are required for arranging wedding photography and booking the venue for wedding banquets. It is not uncommon to book the highly-sought venues for wedding receptions one year in advance. Weddings are expensive regardless of whether you go for an intimate or glamorous ceremony. Take control of your budget and devise a list of the must-haves and nice-to-haves at your wedding.   

Nowadays wedding abroad is an emerging trend. Okinawa, Bali, Guam and Maldives are popular destinations for overseas wedding. A number of wedding planners and travel agencies offer customised services for couples choosing to get married abroad. Most couples still prefer to host fancy wedding banquets at home while some others keep it simple and sign their marriage certificates at a notary public office. Marriage is a union of two individuals and their families. Family consensus is essential in deciding the betrothal gifts, bridal cakes and every small details of the wedding ceremony. A better communication between the couples as well as their families could effectively keep a lid on the wedding expenses.

Romantic honeymoon getaway

A couple is playing a small Hawaiian guitar; image used for HSBC loans article - how to plan a dream wedding.

A wedding is virtually not complete without a romantic honeymoon getaway. Bali is one of the perfect destinations for newlywed couples with its exotic beach resorts and picturesque scenery. Bali offers diverse attractions and adventure activities. Marvel at the island's colourful reefs and dazzling marine life. After a day of snorkelling or diving, it is time to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner at restaurants overlooking the Jimbaran Beach. Treat yourself to a luxury stay at a private villa that boasts a swimming pool or courtyard. Immerse yourself in the exotic tropical atmosphere as you relax and enjoy a sunbath by the pool. 

Greece, Italy and Spain are also popular honeymoon destinations. Soak up the European fairy tale atmosphere and spend memorable moments with your loved ones. 

Applying for a loan

It should be the memories from your wedding that last a lifetime, not the debts. You can take up to 84 months to repay your loan, and you can 24-hour online loan application (e-loans) can be approved as quickly as one day. Existing cardholders and account holders can complete their applications very easily – no signatures, no printed or mailed applications are required. New customers can complete an online form, and send scanned copies of the certifying documents to us online. Our designated staff will help you do the rest.

Take advantage of HSBC's personal loan promotions: phase-1 preferential interest rate starting from 0.01%, and phase-2 interest rate of 2.54%~15.99%.

Note 1: Original source (Chinese only)

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