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A handbag; image used for HSBC foreign currency ATM card.

Foreign currency ATM card

Manage your global accounts with ease, no matter where you are

Make your life easier with our card

Avoid carrying too much cash while you travel. With our foreign currency ATM card you pay no service charges for international withdrawals, meaning you only have to withdraw the cash you need, when you need it.

Withdraw cash with the confidence you're getting a great rate.

Get local currency at any ATM around the world that shows the PLUS sign.

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Qualification and Regulation

Customers holding a Premier account with a monthly average balance above TWD 3 million; or Premier Minor accounts with at least one parent who is an HSBC Premier customer.

You need to qualified for HSBC Premier when applying and not charged with below balance fee and not downgraded.

One account can apply up to 2 foreign currencies and can only apply one card for each currency.

In the case of joint accounts, only the primary account holder can apply.

Currency in service: USD/AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/JPY/SGD/HKD.

Everyday withdraw limit: TWD 100,000 or equivalent foreign currency.

Product image of HSBC Premier ATM card

Overseas withdraw fee (TWD)

Account type Fee & charges
Premier account
Advance account
Not in service
Integrated Account
Not in service
OBU (Offshore Banking Unit)
Not in service
Non-HSBC customers
Not in service

Overseas withdraw fee (TWD)

Account type Premier account
Fee & charges Free
Account type Advance account
Fee & charges Not in service
Account type Integrated Account
Fee & charges Not in service
Account type OBU (Offshore Banking Unit)
Fee & charges Not in service
Account type Non-HSBC customers
Fee & charges Not in service

Note: For each card, HSBC Taiwan has the right to charge TWD 1,000 if the applicant’s account monthly average balance is below TWD 15 million.

Apply for HSBC Premier


For a Premier Account, a minimum, monthly average balance of TWD 3 million is required. If the Bank's requirement for minimum average balance is not maintained, the Bank shall have the right to collect the account administration charge of TWD 1,000 or equivalent foreign currency per month, prescribed by the Bank.

This web page only indicates selected privileges and services offered, and shall only be used as a general guide for reference. Please refer to the "Customer Guide" for detailed information. Benefits and features may be subject to local country and territory regulatory restrictions.

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