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Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Q01. How do I enjoy the same HSBC Premier exclusive services in other countries/territories as in Taiwan?

All HSBC Premier Centre around the world welcomes you to enjoy exclusive Premier privileges,including internet banking and 1-to-1 Premier Relationship Manager service. If you are traveling abroad, please dial HSBC Taiwan 24-hour Premier telephone banking Centre : +886 2 6616-6000 (IDD charged) and our Premier telephone service will assist your needs in your preferred language.

Q02. What are the related services available if I am moving abroad to a new country/territory?

Your local Premier Relationship Manager will provide you with local knowledge to serve your financial needs. Other Premier privileges, such as transfer funds online between your worldwide same name accounts instant and free with Global Transfer, view your HSBC Premier accounts from anywhere in the world with Global View, and provide your HSBC credit history, will make moving and living abroad as easy as it is at home.
If you are unfamiliar with your destination country/territory, our local country/territory guides will help you to be prepared.

Q03. How do I get financial protection when traveling abroad?

All of the HSBC Premier customers enjoy various worldwide safety and security services as follows:

  • Support if you lose your Credit Card:
    No matter where you are, as long as you follow HSBC procedures to cancel your card, the bank will cover fraudulent expenditure from the time you report the loss or theft. We will also replace your card for you and arrange an emergency cash withdrawal from your account to cover your immediate needs.
  • Waiver of Card Lost and Stolen Fee:
    If your credit card has been lost, stolen, fraudulently used or is in the possession of a 3rd party other than the cardholder, you should notify HSBC immediately via phone or any other means. HSBC Premier Credit Card customers will not be charged a Lost and Stolen Fee.
  • Free Overseas Emergency Support Service: 
    Even when you are overseas, you are entitled to a range of emergency services. You only need to make a collect call to the Premier Emergency Hotline: +1-314-275-6781. We will provide you with overseas emergency support services, including emergency cash advance, card cancellation and next day Premier credit card replacement. Emergency cash can be collected at over 245,000 outlets across 200 countries/territories.
    You can also call HSBC Taiwan 24-hour Premier telephone banking Centre : +886 2 6616-6000 (IDD charged) for emergency services.
  • Protect you and your family:
    The Customer’s overseas emergency encashment service, provided that Immediate Family Members should have opened bank accounts in family members (his/her parents, spouse or children) who are authorized by the Customer will be entitled to the Bank or other HSBC banks in foreign countries/territories.

Account Openning

Q01. How do I find out more about HSBC Premier account and how do I open a Premier account?

Please contact our Taiwan Premier telephone service hotline at +886 2 6616-6000 (IDD charged), or visit any of our HSBC (Taiwan) branches to open a Premier account.

Q02. Can I open a Premier account directly online?

No, all Premier accounts’ application must be done at any of the HSBC (Taiwan) branches by the applicant him/herself with two of his/her IDs (personal ID and another ID with photograph) and personal seal (can be replaced by applicant’s authorized signature).

Q03. What are the documents required to open a Premier account?

For local Taiwanese, please bring along your personal ID, another ID with photograph, and your personal seal (can be replaced by applicant’s authorized signature).
For foreigners, please bring along your passport and your ARC.
For mainland Chinese, please bring along your passport and your residence supporting documents. Additional document(s) shall be provided upon request in special circumstances, please contact any HSBC (Taiwan) branch for details.

Q04. What documents are required if I want to set up a Premier account for my under-aged children?

Required documents for children’s accounts:

  1. ID Card (Children age 16 and below can apply via household certificate) and Second ID (Example: driver’s license)
  2. Both parents ID (or legal representative’s ID)
  3. Foreigners: passport and ARC
  4. Documents proven the relationship with children
    1. If the legal representatives of children are not parents, the legal representatives need to present proven evidence from the court
    2. If one of the parents can't present in the branch, the un-presentable one should authorise the other one. Please download “Consent Form for Minor Account Application and Transactions” from the Bank’s public website and bring the filled-out form together with authorized chop to branch by the presentable one.

Note: For children who are under the age of 7, with one of the parents as a HSBC Banking customer, the parents can bring the required documents and open the children account at any of the branches; for children above age of 7 but below 20 years old, with one of the parents as a HSBC Banking customer, the parents must accompany the children at any of the branches when opening the account.

Q05. If I have set up a Premier account with HSBC (Taiwan), am I eligible to apply for a Premier credit card?

All Premier account customers are eligible for a Premier credit card, which is entitled to annual fee waiver for life together with up to 9 supplementary cards.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.