Advance FAQ

Q01. What are the exclusive privileges for Advance accounts?

By applying for the “Advance” account, customers get to enjoy HSBC’s extensive professional financial management services with minimum qualification requirements, an offer you won’t find elsewhere in the banking sector.
Professional financial management services:

  • Quality services from a team of professional financial management specialists.
  • Financial package services designed for the different stages of your life.
  • Periodical investment portfolio management and review.
  • Priority Phone Banking services: Our customer service personnel provide priority inquiry and counseling services to Advance Customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, round the year. Customers in Taiwan, please call 02 6616-6000; overseas customers, please dial +886 2 6616-6000.
  • Privileged lifetime credit card annual fee exemption: clients whose account balance averages above NT$700,000 every month can enjoy exemption from credit card annual fee for their primary card and also for up to nine supplementary cards
  • Preferential credit card approval: Advance customers enjoy preferential credit card approval.
  • For intra-bank transfer at ATMs from other banks and inter-bank cash withdrawal/transfers with your HSBC ATM card, Advance customers enjoy a total of 30 processing fee exemptions.

Fulfill your international needs

  • Processing fee exemptions for inward remittances from overseas
  • Processing fee exemptions for inward demand drafts
  • Processing fee exemptions for overseas emergency encashment, up to US$10,000 (for details, visit a HSBC branch nearest to you)
  • Processing fee exemptions for overseas cash withdrawal at HSBC ATMs with local currency Visa Debit card
  • "Advance" credit cards enjoy cash rebate up to 1.25%.
  • Easy to establish "Global View", by linking their online Advance accounts in Taiwan with other HSBC Advance accounts opened under the same name in other countries. 
  • Easy to do “Global Transfers”, the cross-border remittance service that is truly instantaneous. It also offers wide geographical coverage. This service brings four major advantages that are competitive in the market: real time transfers, low service charge, wide availability in terms of countries and vaue-added features such as future fund transfer functions to help you manage your finances more efficiently across multiple countries.

Q02. How do I apply for HSBC’s “Advance account” program?

Taiwan is amongst the first few countries/regions in the world where HSBC’s “Advance account” is being launched. We welcome you to visit any HSBC branch around the island to open an Advance account

Q03. Who do I call if I have any transaction or financial management questions?

You can call the financial management specialist who opened the account for you, the HSBC branch where you opened your accounts, or dial 02 6616-6000. Our customer service officer will assist you.

Q04. What credentials do I need to open an account?

For citizens of Taiwan, please bring two sets of photo IDs (your identification card, and another credential with your photo) and a chop (signatures are acceptable).
For foreigners, please bring your passport, and your ARC card.
For customers from the Mainland China, please bring your residence ID or residence permit.

Q05. Why am I charged an account management fee?

The purpose of an account management fee is to enable us to provide our preferential clients with the best quality financial management services. Our mission is to help you meet different the financial demands at different stages of your life. “Advance” is an integrated money management account, and we advise you to pool all your capital in one joint account for better management. No management fee will be charged as long as your monthly balance averages NT$700,000.

Q06. What can I do to withdraw cash overseas?

Once the international transaction function has been activated, your Advance ATM/Visa Debit Card can be used to make cash withdrawals overseas. Your NTD account will be debited at the applicable exchange rate, which may result in foreign exchange gains/losses. In addition, please be informed that processing fees could be levied for overseas transactions. Please refer to the Advance Account Personal Banking Services Tariff Table for more details .