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Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Advance FAQ

Q01. How do I apply?

Please visit any of the HSBC Taiwan branches to apply for HSBC Advance.

If you are Taiwanese citizen aged 20 and above, you can apply online using Digital Citizen Certificate. Apply in Chinese now!

Q02. What credentials do I need to open an account?

For citizens of Taiwan, please bring two sets of photo IDs (your identification card, and another credential with your photo) and a chop (signatures are acceptable).
For foreigners, please bring your passport, and your ARC card.
For customers from the Mainland China, please bring your residence ID or residence permit.

Q03. What can I do to withdraw cash overseas?

Once the international transaction function has been activated, your Advance ATM/Visa Debit Card can be used to make cash withdrawals overseas. Your NTD account will be debited at the applicable exchange rate, which may result in foreign exchange gains/losses. In addition, please be informed that processing fees could be levied for overseas transactions. Please refer to the Advance Account Personal Banking Services Tariff Table for more details .

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