Seizing global opportunities

If you are travelling frequently throughout the Greater China region you need to have quality financial services you can rely on. With over 100 years of experience operating in the Greater China area, we not only possess a huge global network, but also an expert and forerunner in Renminbi (RMB) business with tremendous achievements leading the peers: 

  • First foreign bank to settle cross-border RMB Trade in Hong Kong (& Macau)
  • First international bank to provide RMB savings account, RMB Certificate of Deposits, RMB structured deposits and cheque services
  • First bank to provide RMB denominated insurance product
  • The first bank to lead The World Bank’s first offshore RMB bond issuance

With the global network and professional services across the Straits, we are the one that most customers in Greater China areas choose to bank with. And we are ready to help you unlock unlimited opportunities.

Enriching your portfolio

HSBC Premier's Cross Straits Services provide you with the gateway to capture investment information across this region. With our comprehensive suite of wealth management products and services, we can help you enrich your portfolio, invest and grow your wealth in a secure and efficient manner.

Features & benefits

  • Access to your worldwide HSBC accounts with one single login
    Global View is a unique online system that enables you to view balances and manage all your accounts on one screen. Wherever you are in the world, you can access your funds with one single login.
  • Free instant fund transfers to self-named accounts around the world
    Global Transfer puts you in control to your worldwide HSBC Premier accounts. It is an instant fee free online transfers between your self-named account in numerous countries. Global View and Global Transfer Demo.
  • Providing cash in an Emergency
    If you lose your card or cash, our worldwide HSBC Branches can provide an instant emergency cash as soon as your identity is verified through our call centre. The amount withdrawn through this emergency encashment service will be deducted from your account without service charge.

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