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A man drives; Image used for HSBC free parking at international airports page.

HSBC credit cards offer you free parking at international airports

Ever fretted over where to park every time you drive to the airport? Enjoy peace of mind while travelling as we solve your parking troubles for you

Benefit details

Your HSBC credit cards will get you free airport parking privileges (subject to conditions related to designated card spending levels)

  • HSBC Traveller’s  Credit Cards: Different card types offer different number of free parking days, starting from 30 days every year

  • HSBC credit cards (except HSBC Traveller’s  Credit Cards ): The HSBC Premier Credit Card offers 30 days of free airport parking. Other credit cards (such as the Cashback Signature Card) offer parking discounts at selected car parks

Don't miss out on these perks. Apply now if you're not already an HSBC credit cardholder.

Promotional offers at designated international airport car parks

  1. Wise Car Service: Enjoy an at least 30% discount when you pay for parking using your HSBC (Taiwan) credit card. You'll also get free shuttles between the airport and car park, and complimentary tyre filling and water adding services.
  2. Kaohsiung Big Roe International Parking: Enjoy an at least 20% discount when you pay for parking using your HSBC (Taiwan) credit card, with no limit to the number of days. Free shuttle service between the airport and car park is also offered.
  3. The above-mentioned discounts are not applicable during the Lunar New Year and any consecutive holidays.
  4. In the event of price adjustments, the pricing announced by the merchant on site shall prevail. 

Car park information

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:

Wise Car Service CO,LTD Airport Parking: No. 166, Ping'an Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 


Kaohsiung International Airport:

Kaohsiung Big Roe International Parking: No. 230, Cuiheng South Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City


Parking discounts

Wise Car Service CO,LTD Airport Parking: An at least 30% discount on regular parking fees

Kaohsiung International Airport: An at least 20% discount on regular parking fees

Designated card spending levels

Primary or supplementary cardholders must use their cards to pay for more than 80% of package tour charges abroad or for the full amount of airfares.

Important notes

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit. Interest on revolving credit and cash advance 5.68% to 15.00%. Service Charges for cash advance NT$100 + the amount of cash advance * 3.5%. Base date of interest on revolving credit: September 1 2015.

Listening to what you have to say about services matters to us. It's easy to share your ideas, stay informed and join the conversation. To improve the protection of customers' rights for the elderly or customers with special needs, the Bank provides relatives or friends to accompany them to participate in the communication to understand the product information, and provides enough time to consider whether to apply for related products. Please contact us via contact center (02)6616-6000 or email if any doubt/concern or further explanation is needed.