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HSBC credit card travel insurance

With the travel protection offered by HSBC credit cards, you will have complete peace of mind when travelling abroad

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Promotional period: 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021

During the promotional period, use your HSBC (Taiwan) credit card to pay for more than 80% of your package tour charges or the full amount of airfare to enjoy all-round protection through our high-coverage travel insurance packages. Rest assured you'll be well protected in the event of flight delays or baggage problems.


  • Travel insurance: high-coverage protection for your time spent abroad, en-route in travel and while taking public transportation
  • Travel inconvenience insurance: compensation for actual losses incurred due to flight and baggage delays, losses or damage

* Please refer to 'service details' for details and amendments related to the Insurance Act, as well as attachments for filing claims.

Use your HSBC (Taiwan) credit card to pay for the full amount of travel-related transport expenses (such as commercial planes*, trains and ships) or more than 80% of the package tour charges (including travel-related transport expenses) for yourself or your family (your spouse or dependent and unmarried children below 25), and you'll enjoy all-round protection through our high-coverage travel insurance packages. However, if the transaction related to the afore-mentioned commercial airfare or package tour charges is cancelled by the insured party, the company will not be responsible for handling the claims thereon. Pertaining to the actual insurance content and other matters not covered here, the terms of the insurance contract shall prevail.

Free plane tickets are not covered by these insurance packages.

"Travel-related transport" refers to

  1. flights licensed by the government and operating on fixed routes;
  2. any means of transportation for which any traveller can purchase a ticket to ride on. To enjoy the insurance coverage, a cardholder has to use his/her valid credit card (with the insurance package) to pay for the full amount of public transport expenses or more than 80% of package tour charges during the insured period. 

* The following flights are covered by the travel insurance policy: scheduled flights, referring to flights flying between certain designated airports, and listed on an airline's flight schedule and price list; charter flights or extra flights, referring to commercial flights not listed on an airline's flight schedule and price list, but that are chartered by a tour company on a regular basis to attract potential tour members, and that are operating on certain fixed routes licensed by the local government, as well as extra flights added to an existing route. Free air tickets are not covered by this travel insurance policy

* The following types of travel-related transport are not covered under the travel insurance policy: flights chartered by governments (such as visits from heads of state, charter flights for expatriates, charter flights for soldiers going on or returning from holiday etc.) and flights chartered by public or private enterprises, or by private individuals (such as flights chartered by life insurance companies to hold overseas conferences for high performers).

Related information

This product is underwritten by Cathay Century Insurance. For the content of the insurance coverage and other matters not mentioned herein, refer to the terms and conditions described in the insurance contract signed between HSBC (Taiwan) and the insurance company for details.

In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall apply and prevail.

Cathay Century Insurance

Toll-free service number: 0800-036-599

Important notes

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit. Interest on revolving credit and cash advance 5.68% to 15.00%. Service Charges for cash advance NT$100 + the amount of cash advance * 3.5%. Base date of interest on revolving credit: September 1 2015.

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