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Woman who is holding baby stands on beach side; image used for HSBC 4 ways to save on an Okinawa holiday page.

4 ways to get the most out of your trip to Okinawa with the HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card

You can soak up the local Japanese culture, sample delicious regional cuisines and shop to your heart's content in Okinawa. And if you use the HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card for your trip, you can save on everything from flights to hotels and more. Here's how.

1. Save 10% on your air tickets

Two young women travel in Okinawa; image used for HSBC 4 ways to save on an Okinawa holiday page.

The island gem of Okinawa is just 90 minutes from Taipei and with numerous flights departing each day, it's a great option for a last minute family getaway.

Lots of airlines fly there, but hutchgo is offering a 2% discount (note1) if you pay for your tickets with an eligible HSBC credit card. And if you use your HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card, you'll also get a 1.22% cash rebate on domestic spending.

Check out more great ways you can see here. (Chinese Only)

2. Save on your stay

Mother and son playing on the beach; image used for HSBC 4 ways to save on an Okinawa holiday page.

Okinawa has a lot of amazing attractions to offer throughout the entire island, so you might end up staying in a few different cities and towns during your trip. For a comfortable and value-for-money hotel option, use online booking websites such as AsiaYo, or Agoda, and book with your HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card to enjoy special discounts offers for Visa cardholders. There are also other great deals to be had if you sign up to the HSBC home&Away privilege programme.

Visit the following website for more information of discount offers for Visa cardholders (Chinese Only)

3. Stay connected with Wi-Fi

Happy family on vacation; image used for HSBC 4 ways to save on an Okinawa holiday page.

You don't have to totally disconnect with the outside world while exploring Okinawa. Having a solid Wi-Fi connection will make things easier as you'll be able to look up restaurant reviews and stay in touch with friends.

If you use your HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card, you can rent a jetfi Wi-Fi router with a built-in translation function covering Japan and South Korea for NTD99 per day. Or for NTD149 you can get a 3-day package with the All Rent WiFi router, which covers Japan, South Korea and other countries/territories in Asia. You can also save 25% on your rental of a GLOBAL WiFi router, which includes free delivery.

Find out all the details here (Chinese Only)

In addition to letting you share your great holiday pics on social media, these Wi-Fi options also give you GPS, which really comes in handy if you're doing a road trip.

If you'll be renting a car, remember to bring your Taiwan-issued driving license and the Japanese translation of it, which you can get at one of the Motor Vehicle Offices across Taiwan before you go.

Oh, and don't forget: Japanese motorists drive on the left side of the road.

4. Cashback: it's in the name

See the sights, try new experiences, enjoy delicious meals and shop for souvenirs without worrying about not having enough Japanese yen on hand. Plus, when you pay with your HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card, you'll earn 2.22% cash rebate on overseas spending.

It's fast and easy to apply

If you're an HSBC customer, you can apply for a credit card online after getting a ‘one time password’ verification.

If you're not an HSBC customer and hold a valid credit card issued by any other bank, you can do an online application after verifying your identity.

If you're not an HSBC customer and you don't hold any credit card issued by another bank, just fill out the forms in writing and mail us your application.

Apply now to enjoy all the privileges of the HSBC Cashback Signature Credit Card.

Note 1.

Only valid on purchases of flight ticekts from its designated webpage via Booking period: 1 December 2019 - 31 December 2020. Departure period: 1 December 2019 – 10 January 2021.

Please manage your finances carefully and value your credit. Interest on revolving credit and cash advance 5.68% to 15.00%. Service Charges for cash advance NT$100 + the amount of cash advance * 3.5%. Base date of interest on revolving credit: September 1 2015.

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