• Promotion period: 2019/4/19 to 2019/8/31
  • This promotion is for: Primary HSBC credit cardholders (excluding corporate cards, commercial cards, and Visa debit cards)
  • Promotion details: During the promotion period, the first 25,000 customers who link their HSBC credit cards to Apple Pay for the first time and register will enjoy a one-time rebate of NTD200 when they make a purchase, regardless of the amount spent. Spending on supplementary cards will be combined with your primary card for calculation purposes

Apply for an HSBC credit card now if you're not an existing cardholder. 

(The promotion registration and online credit card application pages are available in Chinese only.)

  1. In this program, HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited is referred to as "HSBC" or "the Bank"; credit cards issued by HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited are referred to as "HSBC credit cards".
  2. Eligible participants for this program are limited to primary cardholders using HSBC credit cards to join and spend via Apple Pay for the first time; "joining Apple Pay for the first time" means the HSBC credit card has never been tied to Apple Pay; holders of corporate cards, commercial cards, and Visa debit cards are excluded.
  3. Primary cardholders who complete the registration procedures on HSBC website during the program period of 2019.4.19 to 2019.8.31, and use Apple Pay for the first-time with an HSBC credit card, will receive an one-time rebate of NTD200 when they make a purchase, regardless of the amount spent (using the same Identification Card number). Spending made by the supplementary card holder will be included in their primary cards for calculation purposes. However, those who fail to complete the registration procedures during the promotion period or register using erroneous information are not eligible to participate. The cash rebate is limited to 25,000 participants.
  4. Transactions qualified for the cash rebate refer to those transacted within the promotion period, and the merchant must present the request for payment prior to 2019/9/15; the cash rebate in this promotion will be deposited into the primary cardholder's credit card account starting from 2019/10/1; the deadline for the deposit of the cash rebate is equivalent to the validity of the cardholder's credit card, and the amount of the cash rebate that can be used to offset the credit card balance is in line with the amount payable on the bill of the credit card receiving the rebate in this program.
  5. Transactions qualifying for the cash rebate in this promotion are limited to general spending using HSBC credit cards, with the exception of the following items: 
    1. annual fees, fees charged on the reporting of lost cards; 
    2. interests on revolving credit, cash advance, cash installment plans, pre-approved loans, balance transfer and the related services fees and interests; 
    3. fees and charges on delinquent payments (e.g. breach-of-contract penalty); 
    4. other credit card-related service fees; 
    5. pension fund deductions, tax payments (e.g. individual income tax, property tax, land tax, vehicle license tax, fuel tax), tuition fees, payment of Chunghwa Telecom's fees and charges via Chunghwa Telecom's HiNet website, or using its voice recognition payment and transfer services, payment of commercial electricity and high-voltage electricity charges to Taiwan Power Company, and fines and penalties for traffic offences; 
    6. travellers checks, gambling chips, return of goods transactions, transactions conducted by non-cardholders, and other unauthorised spending; 
    7.  amounts related to cancelled transactions, return of goods, stop-payment on disputed transactions, transactions conducted by non-cardholders (e.g. lost/stolen cards, fraudulent cards); 
    8. public utilities deductions and payment; 
    9. fee payment conducted through the National Credit Card Center's credit card payment platform for public offices.
  6. Cardholders are qualified to receive the cash rebate upon fulfilling the spending conditions under this program only. In the event of a transaction failure, such as payment failure, order cancellation, and return of goods, the amount in such transactions will not be included in the calculation for cash rebate. HSBC reserves the right to cancel or recover any cash rebate given.
  7. Cardholders' HSBC credit cards must be valid at the time the cash rebate is given. In case of card suspension (including forced suspension or suspension upon request), delinquent payment, violation of stipulated credit card conditions, nullification of the benefit of term or other such incidents, or the return of goods involving the cardholder or his/her primary/supplementary credit cards, the cardholder will be disqualified to receive the cash rebate, and will be automatically disqualified from participating in this program. HSBC reserves the right to cancel or recover any cash rebate given.
  8. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, HSBC reserves the right to announce any changes, revisions, or the termination of this program on its website at any time.

* For more details on the list of compatible Apple Pay devices, please refer to https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208531.

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Manage your finances and your credit carefully. Interest on revolving credit: 5.68% to 15.00%; base date of interest on revolving credit: 1 September 2015; service charge for cash advance: NTD100 + amount of cash advance x 3.5%. Please refer to the Bank's website for other fees and charges.